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Music Mixing Studio Mixer Culver City & Los Angeles CA


Average $450/Song

Upload your tracks using the box at the bottom of the page, or you can use your preferred file sharing method. Our philosophy is to follow the artist from the early stages of a song production to the mastering process. We want to help the artist create a product that sounds amazing from the start and gets better throughout the mixing process.
With the latest technology combined to our vintage outboard gear we make your mixes punchy and present, modern with that touch of “dirt” that made the records from the past interesting and vibrant.
We love to interact with our artists to make the best strategic production decisions about the perfect gear, effects and many times even melodies to serve the music. 
The mixing experience at Bonzirecording is warm and welcoming, never a mechanical procedure but rather an interaction between artists for the sake of making good music that will stay for the years to come.

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