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How early can I come in?

We take reservations a minimum of 24 hours ahead of your preferred time. Please give us a call to check availability for the next day or later.

How much does a recording session cost?

Our prices vary based on the type of recording session: the price for Voice Over is $100/hour, for Vocals over music is $55/hour. Both sessions include an engineer and if you can provide any music ahead of time we'll set up the session on our own time, everything will be ready for you to start as soon as you get to the studio.

How does Vocal Tuning work?

Prices can vary from $65 to $25 per track or even less depending on the work that needs to be done (the more the tracks the cheaper it gets per track). As a good average it’s usually $45 for a 4 minute vocal track.

All we need is an uncompressed WAV file of each vocal track you need us to tune and a rough mix or chord progression mp3 track for reference.

Once we receive all the tracks we'll be able to give you an estimate and a turnaround time (generally within 24-48 hours). The estimate is totally free of charge and completely confidential. 

Along with the estimate we can send you a short sample of the tuned vocals, if you would like to hear a particular part of the song just let us know the time code and the lyrics, and we'll send you a 10-15 sec sample.

Please make sure your tracks have 1 vocal only per track and there are no effects applied (reverb, delay), also please note that a recording in an echoey room will result in a less natural tuning. 

What type of mixes can you deliver?

We offer stereo mixes in all formats from mp3 to High Quality WAVs for Tidal Master and Amazon Music HD.

We can also mix in Dolby Atmos ® for a full immersive 3D musical experience, the results are breathtaking!

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How Can I Bring my Audiobooks to Life Near Me?

Bonzirecording provides the most versatile and flexible solutions for audiobooks recording in Los Angeles, CA. Our state-of-the-art studio provides the most dynamic experience when recording your voice over work, and we also offer production services that afford you the convenience of recording in your own home studio. Our mission is to deliver the most professional sounding recordings, and our team is with you through every step of the journey. We also offer ADR to ensure that the final result is as perfect as you want it to be.

How do I send you my files?

You can use your preferred file sharing method (DropBox, WeTransfer,...) and send your files to or you can use our free, encrypted and unlimited upload box at the bottom of the Tuning page, the Mixing page or the Mastering page.

Can I rent the entire studio?

Yes, we rent the whole studio for shootouts and TV interviews. The price for a studio buyout is $200/hr, and it's limited to a maximum of 8 people total per session. In case of a buyout we'll need a lot of information about our guests and a deposit will be charged at the time of confirmation.

Can I bring  my own engineer?

Yes, engineers are welcome to use our equipment but someone of our team will always be present in the studio to supervise all the sessions, therefore the prices won't change. 

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